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Reasons to love/hate summer

I’m not a fan of summer. Is that weird? IDK.

Here’s a few reasons I dislike summer:

  • Sometimes it’s just too hot to do anything
  • Bugs! Flies are everywhere, they manage to get through a tiny window and can’t find their way out.
  • When you can’t find any shade or cool area and you literally feel that you are on the sun.
  • Having to shave. Everywhere.
  • Feeling dehydrated.
  • Feeling all sweaty and disgusting before 11am.
  • Not being able to snuggle up in bed. Beds are for snuggling, summer.
  • You have to expose yourself more in order to keep cool. I know for some this is not a problem, but I personally don’t like doing that..(In public, anyway).

There are a few reasons a don’t mind summer

  • Light nights.
  • Summer breeze (makes me feel fiiiiiine etc)
  • Going on random adventures.
  • Summer rain.
  • The smell of summer evenings. (There’s a certain smell, I tell you)

So, tell me, what is your favourite season and why?




I been paintin

I been paintin

On being ignored

If you’ve ever been ignored you’ll know what its like. It’s like talking to a brick wall, or even worse, yourself. Whether people arent paying attention to an idea or thought you have, or they simply dont make an effort to even pass the time of day with you, it can be really irritating.

 I am an ignoree.

I used to have a quiet voice to blame, but since finding my voice I’ve seen that it makes no difference. 

Sometimes being ignored can be on the same level or worse than someone saying something nasty. By ignoring people, you dont get to know them, which leads to judgement. 

Please, if someone is alone, even just a smile can go a long way. 

Being Different

Imagine if people just let go of conformity. I think it would be quite liberating. For example, if you felt like going to the shops in a Victorian dress, or if you wanted to go to the cinema in a Spiderman suit?

If people could just let go of social stigmas it would be so freeing! If you like Mozart, you do that! If you like Chess, you do that!

One of the worst things anyone had ever said to me is “why cant you be like so-and-so.” Why be a copy? They say copies are ‘sheep’ but I bet even they have their own personalities. (I know what I mean!)

Individuality is fading, just be yourself!

Big Piggy

Big Piggy

All I want for Christmas

Is peace amongst everyone. No matter how big or small the conflict.

Fa la la la la

It’s nearly Christmas. What annoys me most about it is there are people out there who just do it for the gifts.