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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Oh love

Love fails because it is filled with expectations and idealisations…


Post-Makeover Conundrums

I’ve watched various makeover shows in my life and there’s something I frequently wonder whilst the credits roll; what happens next?

Sometimes the subject has only one outfit they are made over in, sometimes three or four. My question is, what are they supposed to do when they have to be washed? Would they be allowed to wear their old clothes whilst they stand waiting for their new clothes to dry? Although, this also gets me wondering, what about all the old clothes the presenter threw out on the subjects behalf? Are they supposed to spend a small fortune on similar clothes, or just the ones they are given…forever?

And what about hair and makeup? What if they can’t create amazing waves every morning whilst getting the kids ready for school, making packed lunches and ironing their husbands shirt for work? What if they don’t know how to apply that lipstick to make their lips look bigger whilst cleaning baby sick off the carpet? There are more important things in life than being conscious of what you wear and what you look like.

There are two things that makeover subjects probably think more of than making sure that blouse goes with that skirt: Either they are busy providing for their family, having a social life, or just doing day-to-day things. Yes, that amazing flowing dress you were wearing when the presenter turned the mirror around to show you the new you, but you cant wear it whilst cleaning the oven. Well, you could


I don’t understand why people think Barbie isn’t a good role model. Yes, the blonde hair has become the initial stereotype but I think that’s all. If someone was to aim for a Barbie body they would look pretty silly. The proportions would be all wrong which would make way for health problems. (There is a way you can work out her real -life measurements, but I’m not mathematically gifted.) In a nutshell, you would have a very large head, your hair would weigh your tiny neck down and you wouldnt be able to comfortably walk.

But the positives of Barbie would have to be her many careers. Some may think she cant hold a job down, but it shows girls that they can do anything they put their mind to. She’s been a sign language teacher, a Doctor, a paratrooper, an army officer of the US, a firefighter, a computer engineer, a chef and a lot more. She can be adaptable to do both girly things like be a princess, a dancer or a model but also what people would think were male roles as I mentioned above.

Some other positive traits is that she is very independent, she doesnt smoke, or do drugs. She loves her family and animals, she’s friends with everyone no matter what their background is.

So there you go. I personally don’t think Barbie is a bad role model at all.

The Over-inflated-balloon-effect

The obsession with sticking needles in your face is becoming alarmingly more popular. I keep reading about people having had botched surgery, things going wrong etc and I wonder why people continue to do it. To me, its not necessarily the person doing the procedure who is to blame, but the body merely telling the chemicals that they don’t mix. Or to tell the person getting the procedure that they look ridiculous and they should spend the money on something that they actually need like a new fridge or something. It especially annoys me when people have surgery when they have children. Its not setting a good example and it would seem that they are focusing their attention on their looks than focusing on their family.

And then theres botox. Why deny it? Everyone gets old. I’d rather look wrinkly and show that I’ve shown emotion than look like an over inflated balloon with two raw sausages for lips…

The Pajama Game

Im sitting here in my pajamas. Just so you know. If I wanted to go to the shop to get milk, say, I’d throw some clothes on and go. I don’t understand what this new ‘thing’ is with going out in your PJs here in the UK. Yes, they are very comfy, but so are joggers or tracksuit bottoms. It seems that, nowadays, people are becoming less and less bothered about dressing appropriately in public. We’ve gone from spending ages on doing up corsets, fastening buttons, hooking things up and straightening things out to looking like a walking unmade bed.

And when we do feel like making the effort, people wear as little material as possible. As they hoping that they will get it cheaper if there is less fabric in a dress?

Please, for the sake of humanity, cover up and wear a bra.