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Reasons to love/hate summer

I’m not a fan of summer. Is that weird? IDK.

Here’s a few reasons I dislike summer:

  • Sometimes it’s just too hot to do anything
  • Bugs! Flies are everywhere, they manage to get through a tiny window and can’t find their way out.
  • When you can’t find any shade or cool area and you literally feel that you are on the sun.
  • Having to shave. Everywhere.
  • Feeling dehydrated.
  • Feeling all sweaty and disgusting before 11am.
  • Not being able to snuggle up in bed. Beds are for snuggling, summer.
  • You have to expose yourself more in order to keep cool. I know for some this is not a problem, but I personally don’t like doing that..(In public, anyway).

There are a few reasons a don’t mind summer

  • Light nights.
  • Summer breeze (makes me feel fiiiiiine etc)
  • Going on random adventures.
  • Summer rain.
  • The smell of summer evenings. (There’s a certain smell, I tell you)

So, tell me, what is your favourite season and why?




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