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On being ignored

If you’ve ever been ignored you’ll know what its like. It’s like talking to a brick wall, or even worse, yourself. Whether people arent paying attention to an idea or thought you have, or they simply dont make an effort to even pass the time of day with you, it can be really irritating.

 I am an ignoree.

I used to have a quiet voice to blame, but since finding my voice I’ve seen that it makes no difference. 

Sometimes being ignored can be on the same level or worse than someone saying something nasty. By ignoring people, you dont get to know them, which leads to judgement. 

Please, if someone is alone, even just a smile can go a long way. 


About talkinboutnothing

Media & Journalism graduate who likes to rant about society.

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  1. When we purposely ignore others, it flies in the face of a basic need humans have for regard. Silence can be just as abusive as words. However, many people ignore because they are emotionally tapped out, overwhelmed or need time or space to figure out their feelings. Others exert control or retribution this way at the expense of others.

    Sometimes the best we can do when facing these responses is to simply assume the best intentions on the part of the other person, reflect and reach out. Too many stalemates come from a move into silence, costing years of relationship. Beyond that, acknowledging yourself — and letting your own voice be heard — sometimes means simply raising it in places where it will be valued and regarded, rather than ignored.


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