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Reasons to love/hate summer

I’m not a fan of summer. Is that weird? IDK.

Here’s a few reasons I dislike summer:

  • Sometimes it’s just too hot to do anything
  • Bugs! Flies are everywhere, they manage to get through a tiny window and can’t find their way out.
  • When you can’t find any shade or cool area and you literally feel that you are on the sun.
  • Having to shave. Everywhere.
  • Feeling dehydrated.
  • Feeling all sweaty and disgusting before 11am.
  • Not being able to snuggle up in bed. Beds are for snuggling, summer.
  • You have to expose yourself more in order to keep cool. I know for some this is not a problem, but I personally don’t like doing that..(In public, anyway).

There are a few reasons a don’t mind summer

  • Light nights.
  • Summer breeze (makes me feel fiiiiiine etc)
  • Going on random adventures.
  • Summer rain.
  • The smell of summer evenings. (There’s a certain smell, I tell you)

So, tell me, what is your favourite season and why?




Being Different

Imagine if people just let go of conformity. I think it would be quite liberating. For example, if you felt like going to the shops in a Victorian dress, or if you wanted to go to the cinema in a Spiderman suit?

If people could just let go of social stigmas it would be so freeing! If you like Mozart, you do that! If you like Chess, you do that!

One of the worst things anyone had ever said to me is “why cant you be like so-and-so.” Why be a copy? They say copies are ‘sheep’ but I bet even they have their own personalities. (I know what I mean!)

Individuality is fading, just be yourself!


Why are so many people wannabes?

Why do so many people want to be exactly the same as each other?

I’ve never understood that.

That’s probably why I don’t fit in, in certain places because I’m not a sheep.

It gets to me so much, how, you have to conform and be a certain way to get ahead etc.

What does everyone think?

Oh love

Love fails because it is filled with expectations and idealisations…

Post-Makeover Conundrums

I’ve watched various makeover shows in my life and there’s something I frequently wonder whilst the credits roll; what happens next?

Sometimes the subject has only one outfit they are made over in, sometimes three or four. My question is, what are they supposed to do when they have to be washed? Would they be allowed to wear their old clothes whilst they stand waiting for their new clothes to dry? Although, this also gets me wondering, what about all the old clothes the presenter threw out on the subjects behalf? Are they supposed to spend a small fortune on similar clothes, or just the ones they are given…forever?

And what about hair and makeup? What if they can’t create amazing waves every morning whilst getting the kids ready for school, making packed lunches and ironing their husbands shirt for work? What if they don’t know how to apply that lipstick to make their lips look bigger whilst cleaning baby sick off the carpet? There are more important things in life than being conscious of what you wear and what you look like.

There are two things that makeover subjects probably think more of than making sure that blouse goes with that skirt: Either they are busy providing for their family, having a social life, or just doing day-to-day things. Yes, that amazing flowing dress you were wearing when the presenter turned the mirror around to show you the new you, but you cant wear it whilst cleaning the oven. Well, you could

The Over-inflated-balloon-effect

The obsession with sticking needles in your face is becoming alarmingly more popular. I keep reading about people having had botched surgery, things going wrong etc and I wonder why people continue to do it. To me, its not necessarily the person doing the procedure who is to blame, but the body merely telling the chemicals that they don’t mix. Or to tell the person getting the procedure that they look ridiculous and they should spend the money on something that they actually need like a new fridge or something. It especially annoys me when people have surgery when they have children. Its not setting a good example and it would seem that they are focusing their attention on their looks than focusing on their family.

And then theres botox. Why deny it? Everyone gets old. I’d rather look wrinkly and show that I’ve shown emotion than look like an over inflated balloon with two raw sausages for lips…

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Disclaimer: Any names used in this article are purely examples and chosen at random, they should not be taken personally or offensively. Becky.

Do our names make us? At one point or another in our lives we have we looked at someone and thought “they don’t look like a Barry.” How does one look like a name? 

The same goes for if we had grown up with Angela, who you couldn’t STAND, she annoyed you and you would rather pull out your own teeth than endure a conversation with her, we may have preconceived ideas if we picked up the phone and the person on the other end said, “Hello, I’m Angela.” Even though we knew it wasnt that person, we may get a little shudder.

Another example could be if we’d had a long-term loving relationship with Marcus, and it ended badly. What if we met someone else a few years later, he was perfect for us, and he was called – wait for it – Marcus?

For me, that would be difficult at first. But just because they share the same name doesn’t mean they are the same in character. It would probably be hard to adjust to the change.