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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Disclaimer: Any names used in this article are purely examples and chosen at random, they should not be taken personally or offensively. Becky.

Do our names make us? At one point or another in our lives we have we looked at someone and thought “they don’t look like a Barry.” How does one look like a name? 

The same goes for if we had grown up with Angela, who you couldn’t STAND, she annoyed you and you would rather pull out your own teeth than endure a conversation with her, we may have preconceived ideas if we picked up the phone and the person on the other end said, “Hello, I’m Angela.” Even though we knew it wasnt that person, we may get a little shudder.

Another example could be if we’d had a long-term loving relationship with Marcus, and it ended badly. What if we met someone else a few years later, he was perfect for us, and he was called – wait for it – Marcus?

For me, that would be difficult at first. But just because they share the same name doesn’t mean they are the same in character. It would probably be hard to adjust to the change.


Curiosity Killed the Stereotype?

There are so many stereotypes that have been around for a long time. Some of the time we don’t even know where they come from. For example, I’ve been to France a few times and I’ve never seen its inhabitants wear onions around their neck. The majority come from the media, it could be from one television programme which shows a character with all the traits associated with their culture. As then in snowballs out of control, because, as viewers, we can identify with their character, but sometimes it goes too far.
I don’t want to go into politics or religion too much, but I think its important for us to find out about other cultures. It stops ignorance, in my opinion.

The Fad Diet

The detox, the babyfood diet, the rainbow diet, the atkins diet. Most women have tried, or considered at least one fad diet in their lifetime. There are some that are all liquid (soups, shakes etc), all carbs, no carbs, the list goes on.
Then we have fitness fads, most recently, after “The Wedding of the Century”, of Prince William and Kate Middleton, people aspired to have a ‘Pippa Bum’. I cant think off the top of my head other body-morphosis fitness fads right now, but theres bound to be some along the lines of ‘get arms like so-and-so’.
I’m no expert on fitness and diets, but in my opinion, just eating a healthy balanced diet should be sufficient enough. Treat yourself now and again and don’t be a martyr to that delicious-looking chocolate cake.
As far as body-morphosis goes, I don’t think it would be possible to emulate an exact shape of an individual. If you’re a certain shape, it’ll stay like that, whether its a thin pear or a bigger pear.
I want chocolate cake now…

Reality TV aka I’m watching you

As I mentioned in my previous post, reality TV is getting more and more popular.

For those of you who watched the first Big Brother in the early 2000s, I know personally I was both flabbergasted and shamefully a bit intrigued to watch other peoples lives in the comfort of my own home. But is it all a fix?

I’ve heard numerous times, either in the papers, online or eavesdropping on peoples conversations on the bus (don’t pretend you don’t do it, too!) that “so-and-so winning a show was a fix all along.” So is it true? Is it all a coup, a fix, not really real? Are they all actors pretending to be nobodies wanting to become somebodies? Work your way round that one!

The Media Hype

As I sat in the hairdressers the other day (new ‘do!) I was offered a couple of magazines to read whilst my hair dye set. I flicked through the pages and pages of so-called ‘celebs’ who Id either never heard of or heard of them a while ago and didnt know anything about.

90% of the magazines inhabitants were reality TV ‘stars’ and how they had done something relatively human. Shocking(!)

I didnt see the point in pretending to read the articles about z-listers (or maybe theyare a-listers and I wasn’t informed?)

Whatever happened to people getting famous though their achievements? And I don’t just mean how much fake tan can you wear in one evening? If I wanted to watch randomers I could look out of my window.


Hello to whoever is reading this.