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I don’t understand why people think Barbie isn’t a good role model. Yes, the blonde hair has become the initial stereotype but I think that’s all. If someone was to aim for a Barbie body they would look pretty silly. The proportions would be all wrong which would make way for health problems. (There is a way you can work out her real -life measurements, but I’m not mathematically gifted.) In a nutshell, you would have a very large head, your hair would weigh your tiny neck down and you wouldnt be able to comfortably walk.

But the positives of Barbie would have to be her many careers. Some may think she cant hold a job down, but it shows girls that they can do anything they put their mind to. She’s been a sign language teacher, a Doctor, a paratrooper, an army officer of the US, a firefighter, a computer engineer, a chef and a lot more. She can be adaptable to do both girly things like be a princess, a dancer or a model but also what people would think were male roles as I mentioned above.

Some other positive traits is that she is very independent, she doesnt smoke, or do drugs. She loves her family and animals, she’s friends with everyone no matter what their background is.

So there you go. I personally don’t think Barbie is a bad role model at all.