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The Pajama Game

Im sitting here in my pajamas. Just so you know. If I wanted to go to the shop to get milk, say, I’d throw some clothes on and go. I don’t understand what this new ‘thing’ is with going out in your PJs here in the UK. Yes, they are very comfy, but so are joggers or tracksuit bottoms. It seems that, nowadays, people are becoming less and less bothered about dressing appropriately in public. We’ve gone from spending ages on doing up corsets, fastening buttons, hooking things up and straightening things out to looking like a walking unmade bed.

And when we do feel like making the effort, people wear as little material as possible. As they hoping that they will get it cheaper if there is less fabric in a dress?

Please, for the sake of humanity, cover up and wear a bra.


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Media & Journalism graduate who likes to rant about society.

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