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The Over-inflated-balloon-effect

The obsession with sticking needles in your face is becoming alarmingly more popular. I keep reading about people having had botched surgery, things going wrong etc and I wonder why people continue to do it. To me, its not necessarily the person doing the procedure who is to blame, but the body merely telling the chemicals that they don’t mix. Or to tell the person getting the procedure that they look ridiculous and they should spend the money on something that they actually need like a new fridge or something. It especially annoys me when people have surgery when they have children. Its not setting a good example and it would seem that they are focusing their attention on their looks than focusing on their family.

And then theres botox. Why deny it? Everyone gets old. I’d rather look wrinkly and show that I’ve shown emotion than look like an over inflated balloon with two raw sausages for lips…


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Media & Journalism graduate who likes to rant about society.

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