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The Media Hype

As I sat in the hairdressers the other day (new ‘do!) I was offered a couple of magazines to read whilst my hair dye set. I flicked through the pages and pages of so-called ‘celebs’ who Id either never heard of or heard of them a while ago and didnt know anything about.

90% of the magazines inhabitants were reality TV ‘stars’ and how they had done something relatively human. Shocking(!)

I didnt see the point in pretending to read the articles about z-listers (or maybe theyare a-listers and I wasn’t informed?)

Whatever happened to people getting famous though their achievements? And I don’t just mean how much fake tan can you wear in one evening? If I wanted to watch randomers I could look out of my window.


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Media & Journalism graduate who likes to rant about society.

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